Virtual 'thing' linked to custom item?

I have been setting up my Openhab 2.2 install, and so far have most of my devices discovered via the paperui using their respective bindings.

However, i have a diy electricity monitor (pulse counter) i have a script that handles the pulse calculations and plan to send the values to openhab via the api, as i have done in the past with domoticz.

I’ve disabled simple item mapping and created two ‘number’ items (energy current /energy today).
However im struggling to see how i create a ‘thing’ with no binding, so that i can link these items…

Can anyone explain how i go about this?

You don’t. Things are only involved when using a binding. Since you will be publishing your data directly to OH through the API you have no binding and therefore have no Things. All you need is the Item.

Thanks Rich,

I’m probably missing something then, as I have defined the ‘items’ in the paperui, but how do I present their information?

I was expecting to bind the ‘items’ to a ‘thing’ that would be displayed on the ‘Control’ tab of the paperui, like all my other items are.
Is it possible to do that using custom items ? - Ideally I’d like to have an entry in that control tab for ‘Energy Usage’ which has the two values for ‘current’ and ‘today’.

I suspect you are trying to use PaperUI as your User’s Interface. PaperUI is only intended to be used as an administration interface. As such the “control” section will only show channels for Things that have been linked to Items, for testing purposes. You need to create a sitemap or HABPanel and put your Items on that for your User’s Interface.

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Ah right, thought i probably missed something :slight_smile:
I’ll have a play with sitemaps / habpanel and see what i can figure out.

Haa I like this, I have a Similar Situation, I can read out an old Pannel with a linux scipt it displays an item + a value and is refreshed via cron, I’ve defined it as a virtual Thing, but it is not linked and not showing ,

why is it so hard to create a virtual device that looks at a static directory and pics a value ?
did u ever get this to work ?