Visibility feature will not work


I am trying to use the “visible” feature to control the appearance of an “Open Door” item in an OpenHAB 3 sitemap created with Main UI.

I edited the “visible” metadata section of the Default List Item Widget to include an expression but OH seemed to ignore it. So I tried simplifying and just put “= false” in the visible section and it still displays the item. The Widget is default (oh-label-item).

Widget code is as follows:

value: " "
  visible: = false

The item displays fine and is dynamic. Ie the icon changes from a closed door to an open door. The log shows the state change but nothing else. Tried restarting OH.

Situation is the same whether viewed in Basic UI or iPhone

Any ideas?

BasicUI doesn’t use metadata, it uses sitemap files to control display.
Sitemap widgets do allow a visibility= option, as described in sitemap docs.

The GUI sitemap editor has a bug about visibility=, but you can otherwise edit your sitemaps textually.

Thanks for the response rossko57.

Just to clarify, the “visible” function of a sitemap widget created with Main UI will not work? You referred to it as a bug. Does that mean there should be a resolution at some point?

And when you say I can edit my sitemaps textually, does that mean to create a sitemap text file in the
openHAB-conf/sitemaps directory?

Is it possible to edit the code text in the text area of the Main UI instead?

Did it work for you?

It’s logged as an issue. That does not guarantee a volunteer to work on it, or that a fix is feasible.


I don’t know, does it offer that?


I have the same or similar issue?
Trying to hide a point completely in the MainUI.

That is the metadata for the “Default list item widget”.

Still the point is visible.

In the code tab I find:

value: ""
  visible: "false"

What could be wrong?

You need to remove the quotes from around "false" in the code view.

That works. So should I file a bugreport because the UI clearly says I should enter false which I did but then is translated as “false” into the metadata?

Maybe the text is wrong, it does hint at ‘expression’.
Does the expression = false do the job ?

I think an issue was already filed. But definitely try rossko57’s suggestion. It may just need an update to the inline docs there.

Right, the github issue was

and has been fixed. Entering false in the UI should transfer correctly to visible: false (without quotes) in the code for upcoming versions.


Just wondering if it would be possible to reference bug [MainUI] New sitemaps do not understand "visibility" & "valuecolor" · Issue #324 · openhab/openhab-webui · GitHub in the docs here: Sitemaps | openHAB

It would possibly avoid some confusion for new users (like me :relaxed:). I do not have access to Github so cannot modify the documentation myself.

The Githib issue was fixed in early May, and I assume would have made it into release 3.1

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