Vision Security Siren ZM1601


i have the Vision ZM1601 Siren in my OH2 installation. Unfortunately it exposes only the switch item to OH2. Bevor that, i used OH1.8 and there the batterystate was also an item. Could i do anything to see the batterystate of the device in OH2?

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no one who could help me?


as I can see in the Zwave database the battery channel is configured:

In OH2 you have to use the battery channel like this:

Number Siren_Battery "Siren Battery: [%d %%]" <energy> (Group) { channel="zwave:device:abcdefgh:node123:battery-level" }

Regards, Christian

Hello Christian,

thanks for your reply, my problem is that i dont see this channel in my thing after the autodiscovery. Nevertheless i try it on your way!


Are you running the latest snapshot?
One more thing to try is deleting and rediscovering the thing.
Ah, and mybe this: some channels are hidden until you click the “Show more” button… don’t know why


After clicking:

Maybe it’s just that simple :slight_smile:

Hello CHristian,

thanks for your reply, but i am aware of the SHOW MORE button. Sadly there isnt this button at this thing:

Also i am using the snapshot from 3rd january and have deleted and rediscoverd it, but nothing helps. The switch is the only channel that appear.


At the moment of writing the reply, i see, that my siren is falsely detected, becuse it shows as a ZM1602 but it is a ZM1601!!! How can i change this?


Exclude it and include again, I guess