Vista 20p Openhab with Envisalink4 possible?

I am new to openhab and in my excitement purchased an Envisalink4 to try to integrate my Vista 20p alarm panel. After hooking up the card and programming the panel to be reached by the online service. I then realized I dont have any way to bind/communicate to the alarm panel through Envisalink.

Is there any known addon/binding in the works to allow communication to Vista through Envisalnk?

If no does anyone know of an integration through Vera? I have a Vera edge from a couple of years ago.

If no to both of the above, what is the best solution to try and integrate a Vista 20p to openhab?

So I guess I should re-word:

What is the best option to integrate my honeywell Vista 20p board to openhab?

I have an Envisalink 4 but does not appear to have any bindings for it that have been approved.

1.) purchase NuTech AD2USB and connect via my existing Vera?
2.) purchase NuTech AD2USB and integrate via rasberry pi?
3.) Any other option?

Have you tried using the DSC Alarm binding? It integrates with envisalink to communicate with the alarm system. Although the binding was created to work with a DSC system it might also work with your Vista 20p.

I am definite looking to do the same. Please let me know is the DSC Alarm binding works with the Envisalink via and DSC Alarm binding. I’ve read a lot of posts and not clear on whether it will or will not. My sense is that it would for for DSC but not for Honeywell.

I was all about trying an AlarmDecoder device but they all show out of stock except the serial connected device. I mailed AlarmDecoder today to ask about stock and will try to reply here with their comment (if any).

The DSC Alarm binding does work with Envisalink 4. I’m using right now with my DSC system and am quite pleased with how it has performed. I don’t have a Vista20p so I can’t attest to whether the binding works with that or not.

From what I have read the DSC alarm binding will not work with the Vista20p. I believe the writer of the binding stated that in another post.

Although I have an Envisalink 4 I purchased an AD2USB and connected it to my Vera Edge. I was able then to add all of the zones through the mios binding with the generator and all is working. Piwith AD2USB would have been my next choice but I had a vera laying around.

***I was not able to find a copy of the Envisalink Vista20p Add-on, it looks like the developer removed it from the repo.

AlarmDecoder is maybe back in stock this week

Hopefully I will have some product ready to ship starting early this week
from my local SMT shop.

Sean M.

I realize this thread is dated, but for anyone interested, I have a working setup with openhab, a honeywell vista 20P, and an envisalink 3 module.

Here’s how it works…I found some python code written by MattTW called Honey Alarm Server ( ). It is written in Python 2, but it integrates with Vista20p and EVL-3. It includes a simple webserver interface that can be used to arm/disarm and see zone status. The author included some example plugins for various home automation projects (openhab was not one of the them).

I’m not a programmer, but using the provided examples I managed to cobble together an openhab plugin that interacted with the honey alarm server code and used PUT commands to update openhab items through the Rest API. I installed the exec binding and can arm/disarm through openhab switches as well.

I run openhab on a raspberry pi zero, so I just installed the Honey Alarm Server software on the pi zero and configured so that it is initiated on system startup.

The individual zone open/close reporting was not consistent, so I slightly modified the file and now it works great for me.

Hope this helps someone…