Visual Studio Code resolving symbols from imports and elsewhere

How do I fix this errors, which actually are not, as the rule is running fine

Hover over the part that’s underlined in red to see what VSCode is complaining about. I’ve noticed only a few things such and sending messages that always gets underlined. The createTimer being marked, for me, usually means I forgot something and goes away after being corrected.

Can’t explain why the rule works, even with red marks in VSCode, but I have learned that anything in red you can fix results in a more reliable rule.

The Timer.createTimer iI changed to just createTimer.
The rest has this errors:

Does the rule work without importing org.openhab.model.script.action.Timer ? It should.
I can’t remember all the details, but I think most imports are no longer required in OH 2.3

The other two errors I get as well, seems VSCode doesn’t like messages or push notifications in any form.

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True, import is not needed.
would be fine if the message stuff would be resolved as well somehow.

I agree but after reading a bit on the VSCode issues, this and a few others are problems on the VSCode side, not OH. Guess well have to wait till the VSCode crew has time to resolve.

I won’t complain to much b/c I really enjoy using VSCode and it’s helped me a ton.:grinning:

True, though I had a lot of problems when running it on the prod node. I managed to setup a shadow node, working on the prod folders but utilising shadow node cpu. Now things are really fine.

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