Visual Studio Code updating problems in workspace only once on startup

Hello everybody,

I have the following problem:
I did setup the Visual Studio Code (Version 1.52.1) with the openHAB Extension (Version 0.7.0). In general, everything works as it should.

But the “problems (in workspace)” view is only updated every time I completely restart Visual Studio Code. Which means, after every change I made which I want to be checked by VSC, I need to restart the whole IDE. The update is only happening this one time for each lifecycle of VSC, shortly after the restart.
This is very annoying for me. Is there any solution?

My setup:

  • PC for Development:
    – Windows 10 machine with Visual Studio Code (Version 1.52.1) with the openHAB Extension (Version 0.7.0)
    – Connected to Linux file system of openHAB System (Raspberry Pi 2) through Samba Server, linked in Windows 10 as network drive. All openHAB config files are only stored on the Raspberry Pi.

  • openHAB System:
    – OS: Ubuntu-Mate 18.04
    – Hardware: Raspberry Pi 2, with Samba Server for file access in Visual Studio
    – openHAB Version: 2.5.6
    – Samba Server Version: 4.7.6-Ubuntu

My settings.json for the openHAB extension:

“workbench.iconTheme”: “openhab”,
“”: “hostname of my raspberry pi”,
“openhab.port”: 8080,
“openhab.useRestApi”: true,
“openhab.paperPath”: “paperui”,
“openhab.sitemapPreviewUI”: “basicui”,
“openhab.remoteLspEnabled”: true,
“openhab.password”: “”