Visualisation a la industrial HMIs

is it possible in Openhab sitemap or panel or something different to have a visualisation like in industrial control systems (HMIs)?
In my opinion its very helpful to have more a graphical instead of a textuel representation.
E.g. for a heating system I would like to show a buffer tank, the 3-way valve, the instruments on the individual pipes etc…

Best regards

There are lots of options for nice visualizations in the new OH3 UI - you should try it out :slight_smile:

With habpanel you can create your own widgets, which may allow you to do some of what you are looking for. The OH3 UI allows for some pretty extensive customization as well, but I haven’t played with it enough yet to tell if it is flexible enough to do something like that. Worst case, you could create your own custom web UI using openHAB’s REST API.