Visualise log in browser tab

I have a screen that rotates between different tabs, one of them security camera’s another grafana stats from the house
I would like to add another tab page where I can see the last logs from openhab.
The idea being that it’s good from time to time to see the logs even if I’m not working on it, just t be sure I see possible errors
I’m now logging on in a terminal window to look at the logs (which is perfect for working on it and debugging)

What would be a good solution to see these logs from a browser?

Take a look at the openhab log viewer webapp. You can activate it via openhabian-config (Optional Components - Log Viewer). I think it does pretty much exactly what you want.

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I have my openhab installed on a pine64, with the provided openhab enabled OS

So I don’t have openhabian, is that a component I can install also outside openhabian ?

Yes of course. See here:

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It took me a while. Today I have installed frontail on a separate raspberry PI .
(To keep this seperate from my openhab installation.)

Any idea how I can access the openhab log from a frontail server ?