Vitoconnect OT API to mqtt bridge

Please check my pet project stas-dovgodko/viessmann2mqtt (

This is bidirectionally software gateway to push|pull vitoconnect API via mqtt.
Require php and hope that self-documented )

Without more documentation (from where is the information requested/ where is it published to/ etc ) I would not use your code. Looking at the dependencies I see a LOT! but nothing about the Viessmann API.
Why a MQTT bridge?

BTW: Check This

Latest version depends on original thetrueavatar/viessmann-api. The previous was based on my own fork .
php pooler.phar -h will echo all topics that you can feed or pull. .env file required based on .env.example. This details can be found in

Why not? )

I use thetrueavatar/viessmann-api inside BUT not hardwired for some specific methods like getHotWaterStorageTemperature

Didn’t see the use of the thetrueavatar/viessmann-api ( which is more a client), sorry for that.

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