[VitoConnect] Published data for external temperature changed?

I’m using the script from @thetrueavatar to monitor and control my heating system.

After some changes on the server side by Viessmann I noticed the external temperature isn’t reported in 0.1C steps anymore. Since Apr’28 00:30 I am getting values only like 10.5, 11.5C etc., no full degree and no other fractions. Sounds odd to me.

Does anybody else observe the same?
I asked on the Viessmann Expert forum, however I won’t bet on a (usefull) answer that way.

I don’t see the same on my own installation. Maybe a rounding done by openhab ?

Thanks for the answer.
I checked the response messages, i.e. what openHAB did get.
The change correlates with works on the viessmann Server. I noticed differences between my heating system and the say recieved via script or ViCare. Viessmann reported that they had issues but solved them.

Funny things happening, this afternoon I got a changed! value, now the fixed decimal is .7.
Since I see the same values on Vitoguide as well as in ViCare it should be on theViessmann side!
Checking the data on the heating itself isn’t telling anything since only full degrees are displayed there.