Vitotronic binding and dependencies still actively maintained?

I am looking for a recommendation, how to control a Viessmann heating. The Vitotronic binding looks nice at first sight, but the binding itself and its dependency optolink look rather abandoned to me. Is anyone actively using this solution? Is it still maintained? In the forum I could only find very few messages on this subject, sometimes with an open end.

Also interested by some light on this topic.
Thanks, community !

Me too. Thanks in advance for any feedback.

I cannot say much about the binding itself, but if you ask because you’re considering installting a new Viessmann heating, I would rather advise not to from the interoperability perspective.
Last year, I conducted a market analysis of wood and pellet boilers regarding their interfacing abilities, and it turned out that Viessmann is one of the worst in that regard. Other manufacturers provide extensively documented Modbus or HTTP interfaces. I had a conversation with the service team of the Viessmann headquarter that could be summarized as that they don’t care at all and try to sell their proprietary solutions.
Please note that this is only about their wood boiler products. I haven’t looked into their fossil product line or heat pumps at all.

Hi Frédéric,

thanks for your feedback. In my case I’m already stuck with a Viessmann gas heating, so exchanging this is no option. But after some more investigation I have probably found a solution, that should work without the binding: This thread describes a solution based on vcontrold, vclient and MQTT, which looks promising. There are also other solutions around on the internet, but many of these are in German, so it might not be for everyone.

Hi @ardmore,
I’m impressed about the work the open source community has done with vcontrold. Here are even specific instructions about the integration into openHAB. Good luck :slight_smile: