VM on Unraid

I am trying to install OpenHAB on Unraid in a Virtual Machine due to the circumstance the SAMBA-Folder are not connectable and access via SSH is also obsolete.

I want to give this solution a try: [OpenHab] Basic Guide | Installing OpenHabian on ProxMox Virtual Machine – Game & Tech Focus
Or know anyone a better solution to get the things running?

Yes I know there is a Docker-App for Unraid but without SSH access and I do not know how to transfer my configuration from the Pi to the Docker installation.

Thank you very much for your comments.

I am not sure I understand the problem at hand, but I can confirm, I have openhab on proxmox, so no, I don’t think there is a better solution (for me) out there :slight_smile:

And you run it on a Debian image correct?

yes, followed those instructions openHABian | openHAB

You transfer them to the unraid host file system and mount them into the docker container by adding them as volumes.