Voice control and Seeed ReSpeaker

Just curious if anyone has tried anything like the voice interface that Seeed studio has a kickstarter for - the ReSpeaker? I’ve experimented with voice control in the past but never got it to work reliably for everyday use. If the mic-array can provide a solid voice detection in a noisy home environment it would really be interesting.

Thanks! Just bought 10 of them with mic arrays!

More info:

Just saw this via another site, and was about to post about it as well. I’ll likely wait until it launches as I tend to avoid Kickstarter, but will definitely be keeping an eye on it.

I pledged for the respeaker and mic-array as well, but just one to try it out. I really like the ability to use it offline as well as online.

Well, the offline is more about marketing. Pocketsphinx sucks on a Pie 3 and the MT7688 module used in the respeaker is a far slower chip. The offline stuff is really limited to keyword detection with all of the real speech to text done by Google or Microsoft.

Yeah, but I settle with simple keywords as long as I can use it reliably… :slight_smile: