Voice controlled RaspPi music server casting music to Google speaker

Hi everyone,
nice to be onboard!

I’ll be jumping right into the issue here:
I have noticed that openhab is very powerful and may suite my problem.
I have already used the search functionality but did not get a result that met my expectations or I am just too blind to see or maybe to dumb (which would be very sad to discover).
Is it possible to cast music from a music server on a RaspPi to a Google Mini Speaker using voice commands just like with Google Play Music?
[activation command], play song [songname] or
[activation command], play songs by [artist], etc.?

Any help would be appreciated!
Thanks in advance

It may be possible but I don’t think it’s going to involve openHAB to facilitate it. At the very least, openHAB isn’t going to be very user friendly about it because all it understands are file paths. It has no smarts to guess at what song or artist you really meant when you got the song not exactly right. And even then, you will have to provide the mapping between what ever that song name is and the specific address of that song’s file on your server.