Voice in the room

Hi there all,
I just make a rule in order to stop my son’s Play Station after 120 min of game time.

I would like to play a voice message like “Attention, 10 minutes remaining until power off” etc…
in order to prepare it to save the game before power off the Play Station.

So I want to ask you… witch can be the simplest way to make a hardware like this
in his room please ?

Thanks in advance

A “simple” solution would be using a multiroom sound system for which a binding exists. That way any message ( created by a TTS service) can be sent to any of the connected boxes. One example Sonos, not cheap but simple.
A cheaper solution would be to connect a speaker directly to the device running OH.

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I think Sonos cost to much for this project.
But I think I’ll buy the new google home mini (I don’t know when will arrive in Italy)
With google home do you think I can embeded it to openhab ? and send a TTS over it from openhab ?

Or… maybe I can buy another raspberry or arduino and put a case on it and connect it to the openhab
I also found how to make a google home using a raspberry (https://aiyprojects.withgoogle.com/voice)

Thanks a lot

No experience with that,and I doubt that the Google Home would be included as a audio sink in OH .

Chromecast Audio is cheap if u have amp and speakers that the playstation uses.

Yes … but I think that another raspberry is better cause you can develop more thinks that for chromecast.
Then, the cromecast here is 39 eu, and the rasp is about 32 eu :slight_smile:
…obviously I don’t look this little difference.

Maybe I can instal an MTQQ client into raspberry and a TTS software
Then some rule in order to call the TTS when MTQQ received.
Can be ok in this mode please ?

Thanks again all

Google Home presents itself as a Chromecast and therefore is an OH audio sink.


You could set up a Raspberry Pi as a Logitech Media Server/ squeezebox combo and use that to route audio.

Or, if you aren’t set on the voice part, you could do some kind of Arduino/Particle/ESP setup with a chirp or an LED.

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Hi Daniel,
how did you configure OH2 and/or the chromecast to be shown as audio sink?


I think that in the meantime that google home mini will arrive,
I’ll buy a raspberry and install into it the google home api
I so the someone can link some Android TV also at the openhab
My soon have a Sony Android TV in the room… can I send text message to the TV ?

Thanks all again

It pretty much works out the box.

  1. Set up your Google Home/Chromecast as per their instruction manual. (Even my Nvidia Shield presents itself as a Chromecast)
  2. Setup latest stable openHAB2
  3. Install Chromecast Binding
  4. Search for Chromecast device using PaperUI or HABmin
  5. Approved the found Chromecast device from the inbox

You will now be able to select your Chromecast device as an audio sink and therefore use it for things like text-to-speech.


Thanks a lot Daniel,
I just want to ask… I don’t know so much how the chromecast is work…
This one will be connected to the TV right ?
So if I send an audio sink to chromecast, this voice will play on the TV ?

Thanks again

Are you talking about Google Home or are you talking about Chromecast/Chromecast Audio?

Google Home obviously doesn’t need to be plugged into a TV - it’s a standalone device.

However if you wanted to use a Chromecast/Chromecast Audio as an OH2 audio sink then yes you would need to plug it into your TV, and have the TV on and connected to the correct source before you could hear the voice on the TV.

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Oh yes… must be on the chromcast input source… I can’t use it for my project.
I must annunce my sun that the Play Station will power off in 10 min.
But if my sun will stay to the Play Station source the chromecast will not work.

Thanks a lot anyway

Maybe your Google Home mini is suitable then.

I’m gust curious… can I send “voice comand” to google home, and google home send it to openhab
…like Alexa do ?
Thanks again

I don’t think there’s any official integration between the Google Assistant SDK and openHAB.

Regarding the initial question (using cheap speaker onto which OH can send a sound file created by a TTS service ) I tested a solution with a Google Chrome Audio in conjunction with real cheap active boxes (7€). So the total price is below 50€.
The binding for Chrome allows to send “notifications” via the say command ( after having a TTS configured like VoiceRSS).

Thanks a lot Opus,
I just install the google assistance on the raspberry in order to test it.
But at the end I understand that I need an usb microphone that raspberry don’t have,
in order to use it.
So I just wait to receive it from amazon.

In the meantime, can you show us the code you use in OpenHab
in order to connect it to the Google Chrome Audio please ?

I believe that can be better if I add a new raspberry (that have ± same cost)
cause in this case I can use also for a Google Assistant in future.
Also maybe if in Europe the Google home mini will be 60€ …can be same think.

Thanks a lot again

The connection of Google Chrome Audio is done by the Chrome binding (detected as thing via PaperUI). It can then be addressed as an audio sink just like other sound systems.
Which speakers are connected to the Chrome Audio is completely irrelevant to OH.
Or did I mssunderstand your question?

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