Voice input via Android app in the Main UI

I am currently using the functionality of voice input via the microphone button of the sitemap in the Android app. The voice input is passed as text to the voiceCommand item and evaluated using a JS rule.

Since I’m in the process of replacing the sitemap with the main UI, I’m looking for voice input functionality in the main UI of the Android app. Unfortunately I couldn’t find anything about this in the docs or the community. Can anyone give me a tip on where I can read it or how I can implement it?

I don’t think my configuration is relevant here, but I’ll add it for the sake of completeness:

  • OH 4.02 in the Docker container on a Synology NAS
  • OH app 3.7.0 on Xiaomi with Android 11

Thanks for the support

As far as I understand it the microphone symbol in the site layout is part of the app.
So nothing you can do about.

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Thanks, for your answer. I feared that. However, I was hoping that there might be ways to recreate it. For example, through your own widget with a microphone symbol.
However, I have no idea what or how to proceed after that. :thinking:

I think you can create and use your widgets. To use the voice input toggle between yourr widget view and the sitemap view.

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