Voice of Google Voice TTS

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Hey there :slight_smile:

I use the chromecast binding and my nest Hub (and chromecast audio) as an audio sink for openhab to let them say things.
However I do have an issue: I can’t replicate the original google voice. Let me give you an example:
This is the normal voice of google assistant link and this is it when I send a message from openhab to the device link.

I tried my best to make the voice (when sent from openhab) sound as normal as possible with these settings:

and this is my command

say(“Dies ist eine Testnachricht welche mir von openhab gesendet wurde”, “googletts:deDEWavenetE”, “chromecast:chromecast:XXXXXXXXXXXXXX”)

however as you can hear these sound quite different

Does anyone know how to make the text sent from openhab sound like the native sound from google assistant?