VoiceCommand isnt working using hebrew words

HI my friends,

I am trying to build an home automation system for eldery parents and as i installed openhab on RP3, configured it and connected an esp201 to the platform and i am very impressed with the results!

I have also installed the openhab app on my android phone and it is working nicely with my server as well!
My problem is that i am quite sure switches to turn on\off items wont help them and so i want to use the voice commands.
I have manged to configure it properly as such saying an English word will trigger an on\off led and it is working just fine but when i using an Hebrew word the “command.contains” if statement fails to work although i can see in the logger that the command received is the proper one and it is printed in Hebrew to the logger…
I can also write in both English and Hebrew on my PI3 machine and watch Hebrew subtitles on kodi.

Here is the code i am using :

rule "test example rule name"
Item VoiceCommand received command
var String command = VoiceCommand.state.toString.toLowerCase
logInfo(“Voice.Rec”,"VoiceCommand received "+command)

if (command.contains(“כלב”) {
logInfo(“Voice.Rec”,“IN כלב”+command)

else if (command.contains(“english”) {
logInfo(“Voice.Rec”,"IN english "+command)

And here is the logger:

2017-05-17 22:39:10.848 [INFO ] [pse.smarthome.model.script.Voice.Rec] - VoiceCommand received ‫english
2017-05-17 22:39:10.853 [INFO ] [pse.smarthome.model.script.Voice.Rec] - IN english ‫english

2017-05-17 22:39:52.300 [INFO ] [pse.smarthome.model.script.Voice.Rec] - VoiceCommand received כלב

Can anyone please assist me ?

Thanks in advance!