VoiceRSS not working

Hi All,
This is not an openhab issue,but is related,hopefully someone has a solution for me.
I want to set up voicerss on my openhab installation,however I cannot get the test below to work from the epiphany browser installed on raspbian Jessie ,the play arrow and the progress bar appear but nothing plays.
The test below works from a browser on my windows PC so the API key is correct.

https://api.voicerss.org/?key=xxxxxx&hl=en-gb&src=test 21

I installed firefox browser to test with another browser but CPU shot to 100 % usage and could not browse to any sites so it seems my old Pi B+ is not able to run it successfully.

Installed VLC player as suspected a codec issue, VLC plays MP3 and wav files but still no audio from the browser or openhab.

Any idea what else to try ?

A RPi 1 is really not even powerful enough to run OH alone. If you are also running a windowing environment, a heavy weight browser, and trying to do audio decoding on it I’m not surprised it doesn’t work. The CPU is not quite powerful enough and there is definitely not enough RAM.

The minimum recommends hardware for openHAB is at least an RPi 2 and that assumes no desktop environment.

I can’t say whether this is your issue but it certainly seems like it.

Hi Rik,
The Pi normally runs headless with only openhab running,which seems fine,not the fastest but good enough.
The browser is only being used to try fault find why openhab does not talk using voicerss when triggered by an openhab rule.

Openhab.cfg googleTTS as below …



Will test on a newer Pi

Which TTS service are you using, the posted settings are NOT for VoiceRSS!

Hi Opus,
I want to use the free service offered by http://www.voicerss.org/
If these settings are not correct please point me to the correct config settings.

openhab.cfg sounds like you are using openhab1. Which version are you running?
You can find the documentation for openhab2 in here.

I am using openhab1,version 1.38,is there documentation for setting up voicerss on openhab1 somewhere ?

I don’t think so, sorry!
Why are you still on OH1?

Openhab1 has been able to do everything needed so far,also read about a lot of issues migrating to openhab2.
My linux knowledge is very limited so trying to avoid the inevitable migration for as long as possible !
Is it possible to setup marytts,or any other tts service, to work with openhab1 ?
I have been unable to find a tutorial how to get it working,only the voice option in openhab.cfg
Any help welcome.

OK,so I managed to get google TTS working but the spoken language is always german.
Have tried adding googletts:language=en and googletts:language=en-GB in the GoogleTTS configuration section of openhab.cfg with no change.
The rest of GoogleTTS configuration is openhab1 default .
How to make my Pi speak english ?

What issues have you seen in particular? There is the potential for some work to migrate. And there are just a few required changes. There is a lot to learn if you want to take advantage of the new 2.x version add-ons and bindings, but you don’t have to do that immediately. You can migrate your current set of 1.x bindings and Rules and everything else to an OH 2.x core and ignore all the 2.x stuff until you are ready for it.

So it can be some work, but I’ve not encountered any post where someone was unsuccessful migrating to OH 2.

I can’t help with your specific problem, but I do have this bit of advice.

You WILL have to migrate at some point. Unless you encase your machine in amber and don’t ever change anything on it including upgrades (which is a pretty awful idea) and keep good backups, something will break at some point, and probably some point soon.

It will be better and less stressful for you if you take your time and migrate now at your leisure instead of waiting until your OH is completely broken and you are rushing to rebuild it.

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I read some people had issues migrating the 1.x bindings and especially rules, to OH2.

OK,I realise it is inevitable and you convinced me to give it a go,will setup OH2 on another SD card so if I bollox it all up I can revert to the existing SD card.
Will find the migrating tutorial and give it a go !

Start a new thread if you run into any problems.

There are some minor changes to your Rules that will be required but you should be able to use your Rules as is.

It has also been long enough that unless you are using some obscure binding, all your 1.x version bindings should be available for install in OH 2.x without having to deal with the compatibility layer described in the tutorial.

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