Volume not working on iOS App

Hey guys,

I think I found a bug in the iOS app as i am having an issue controlling the volume on my TV.

I have not changed this part of my configuration for months and it suddenly stopped working a week ago.

I will post my item, rule, sitemap files below for context.

The issue:
When in the iOS app, the volume button only works when the opposite option is selected, and it only works once. See below screenshot. So for example if the down arrow is selected, down wont work but up will. But once you press up, now IT is selected and you can now only hit down. This results in only being able to turn the volume up and down 1 time, back and forth.

In contrast, on my computer, it works as expected, you can turn the volume up and down as much as you like.

If there is some issue with my configuration then please let me know.

Item File:

Switch LG_TV0_Power “TV Power” (GreatRoom) { channel=“lgwebos:WebOSTV:42f4d58d-9157-484b-9248-1bb4cd66cda8:power” }
Switch LG_TV0_Mute “TV Mute” (GreatRoom) { channel=“lgwebos:WebOSTV:42f4d58d-9157-484b-9248-1bb4cd66cda8:mute”}
Dimmer LG_TV0_Volume “Volume [%S]” (GreatRoom) { channel=“lgwebos:WebOSTV:42f4d58d-9157-484b-9248-1bb4cd66cda8:volume” }
Number LG_TV0_VolDummy “VolumeUpDown” (GreatRoom)
Number LG_TV0_ChannelNo “Channel [%d]” (GreatRoomTV) { channel=“lgwebos:WebOSTV:42f4d58d-9157-484b-9248-1bb4cd66cda8:channel” }
Number LG_TV0_ChannelDummy “ChannelUpDown” (GreatRoom)
String LG_TV0_Channel “Channel [%S]” (GreatRoom) { channel=“lgwebos:WebOSTV:42f4d58d-9157-484b-9248-1bb4cd66cda8:channelName”}
String LG_TV0_Toast (GreatRooV) { channel=“lgwebos:WebOSTV:42f4d58d-9157-484b-9248-1bb4cd66cda8:toast”}
Switch LG_TV0_Stop “Stop” (GreatRoom) { autoupdate=“false”, channel=“lgwebos:WebOSTV:42f4d58d-9157-484b-9248-1bb4cd66cda8:mediaStop” }
String LG_TV0_Application “Application [%s]” (GreatRoom) { channel=“lgwebos:WebOSTV:42f4d58d-9157-484b-9248-1bb4cd66cda8:appLauncher”}
Player LG_TV0_Player (GreatRoom) { channel=“lgwebos:WebOSTV:42f4d58d-9157-484b-9248-1bb4cd66cda8:mediaPlayer”}

Rule File:

rule “Power on TV via Wake on LAN”
Item LG_TV0_Power received command ON

// for relative volume changes
rule “VolumeUpDown”
when Item LG_TV0_VolDummy received command
switch receivedCommand{
case 0: LG_TV0_Volume.sendCommand(DECREASE)
case 1: LG_TV0_Volume.sendCommand(INCREASE)

// for relative channel changes
rule “ChannelUpDown”
when Item LG_TV0_ChannelDummy received command
var currentChannel = LG_TV0_ChannelNo.state as DecimalType
switch receivedCommand{
case 0: LG_TV0_ChannelNo.sendCommand(currentChannel - 1)
case 1: LG_TV0_ChannelNo.sendCommand(currentChannel + 1)

Sitemap File:

Frame label=“TV”
Switch item=LG_TV0_Power icon=“switch”
Switch item=LG_TV0_Mute visibility=[LG_TV0_Power==ON] icon=“soundvolume_mute”
Text item=LG_TV0_Volume visibility=[LG_TV0_Power==ON] icon=“soundvolume”
Switch item=LG_TV0_VolDummy icon=“soundvolume” label=“Volume” mappings=[1=“▲”, 0=“▼”] visibility=[LG_TV0_Power==ON]

File an issue on gitHUB, please

You’ll have to use a Switch with autoupdate="false". See this github issue for a quite similar question.