VPN choices

(Thomas Binder) #21

So, it’s always bidirectional? Then I must review my setup the next time I’m up there. I had the impression it was one-way only. If I can reach the client’s network from the server it’s the thing I’m looking for as the client isn’t reachable from the internet…

(Rich Koshak) #22

Yes, by default. OpenVPN is one of those services with a million settings so I’m certain it is possible to configure it so it is one way. And perhaps it is reasonable for some of the gateway/firewall wizards to configure it so that happens. But by default, normally it is bidirectional, though like I said, the IP address will be different.

(Thomas Binder) #23

That’s fine, I already configured two separate subnets.
Thanks again, I have to look into this!

(Rich Koshak) #24

Just to make sure, I connected my phone to my OpenVPN over the cellular network and was able to ping it using its OpenVPN IP address from a machine on my LAN. So I’m not just making things up. It is, or at least can be bidirectional.

I have a pfSense firewall and I run OpenVPN on it configured using the wizard and the client configs exported using an addon to pfSense created for that purpose.

Good luck!

(bouali mohamed) #25

What’s about Softether VPN, Anyone has been using this OpenVPN alternative, I 've tested it in windows a few days ago it’s fine, I’m not sure about Linux platform.
Reviews, Thanks.