VR32/3 ebus<->ethernet module

Does anyone has experience with controlling a Vaillant boiler (ecotec plus 825) through Vaillant ethernet to ebus adapter (VR32/3) ? https://www.vaillant.it/downloads/vgoa-vaillant-it-doc/istruzioni-installazione/accessori/0020139895-vr-32-2014-313083.pdf

Ive seen multiple posts written by users of DIN sized adapters imported from Germany, but it seems that noone is using official adapter.

AFAIK most of people use here non-vaillant gateway from eservice, some people related to ebusd try other adapters, however I can’t remember if there was someone using one you refer. From what I see VR32/3 is cascading module which allows to connect multiple boilers thus it might affect ebus frame for routing reasons. From inspection I did few months back Vaillant software have special handling of VR32/3.

OK thanks for clarification Lukasz.
Could you advise if i will be able to use eservice gateway to actually control a combi boiler (825 model) without need for “normal” Vaillant controller ?

Adapter which is provided by eservice is just gateway/serial bus adapter. With proper software on other side you will be able to control boiler. You can check ebusd if your boiler is supported, then by using either ebusd directly or their telegram templates with OH binding you will be able to instruct it fully.

Having vendor regulator is useful as you can then try to debug communication with boiler. Data sent over ebus is visible to all wired participants. Be aware that when network, or rasperry controlling boiler will go down then your boiler will stay at latest values set on it (return/supply temperatures) will not turn on or off circulation pump and so on.