VS Code alternative for mobile Android devices

I use (with great pleasure) VS Code on my laptop to edit my text files. Works perfect.

Does anybody uses something similar on a mobile Android device? Some time I’d like to quickly change /test something without taking out my laptop. Currently I do this by using Connect Bot to ssh into my Rpi. It works, but is not perfect.
Any advice on an Android text editor?

  • support networking
  • syntax highlighting would be awesome

off topic , as i dont know such app
if its only small stuff i use teamviewer… you will get all the control you are use to
but not so comfortable…

Hmmm, interesting idea.
But the laptop should be powered on then.

I use a combination of andftp and Droidedit… Not quite all in one, but easy enough. No syntax highlighting, but for simple text editing it’s ok.

Did you try code-server? You can basically install it onto your Raspi and then connect with mobile devices such as iPad, Android, etc. You even can do this by your laptop or Mac.

There is a how to for this:

Visual Code Server How To