VS Code extension - ERROR Code 32603

Dear openHAB-community,

during writing my rules and other stuff in VS Code I continously get an exception in the output panel of VS Code. openHAB is running normally, the created files are loaded into openHAB as expected.
I just don’t get the hover experience in openHAB.


In VS Code I don’t get the hover experience when I put my cursor above an item.

Screenshot of the Problem

System topologie

  • openHAB as Docker-compose container
  • Docker-compose running on Debian
  • Debian as Linux Subsystem for Windows
    • All configuration files are mounted as usual
    • UI is accessible on the local Windows machine
  • The VS Code extension can properly load all items and things from openHAB - so the connection is working finde
  • the language server port is 5007
  • the UI port is 8083 due to an other program using 8080 on the windows localhost

Don’t know if your problem is the same as I had, but I found VS springs a lot of errors unless the Language Server is false. Here is my workspace config;
VSC Screenshot 2021-11-02 140811