VS Code extension - help with configuation of remote files

I have installed VS Code extension for OpenHAB , from within VSC.

When the extension attempts to open files it is using the incorrect path to my openhab installation accessible via Samba. Using Samba the installation is in the sharename openHAB-conf on my openhab openhabian server , so it is \\openhab\openHAB-conf.

However, the extension is looking in the wrong place and seemingly on the local filesystem (windows). The extension posts a problem to the problems window with the message

file:///etc/openhab2/items/TRV.items has not been opened.

I also receive the following in the openhab.log file on my openhabian server:

2020-01-20 14:58:05.946 [ERROR] [se.xtext.ide.server.WorkspaceManager] - The document file:///etc/openhab2/items/TRV.items has not been opened.

I looked here for possible config settings:


But i could not find how to change the folder location visited by the extension, i.e. I need to set it to \openhab\openHAB-conf

Any ideas?

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Try setting a drive letter:

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I’ll try that when back at my laptop to tomorrow, but in the meantime, what environment variables and drive letter do i need to set, and how do i config VS Code/OH extension to point to the drive?

Where in the VSC installation are you trying to set this folder?
My VSC is installed on a windows machine and is connected to an openhabian installation.
I have assigned the samba shares “openHAB-conf” and “openHAB-share” permanent drive letters on my windows machine.

Pointing VSC to a folder via the files menu I can either open samba share “openHAB-conf” directly or the samba share “openHAB-share” and open the subfolder "openHAB-conf in there.

Didn’t you assign a drive-letters on your windows machine for the samba shares? Is your openHAB server really named “openhab” (and not “OPENHAB”, I noticed that windows used an uppercase version of my used lowercase name)?

I think this is a bit duplicated according to:

Those messages are coming from the remote lsp server and we cant really supress them (at least we haven’t found a valuable solution so far),
nor change the paths according to some useful ones for the currently opened share.