VS Code flagging sitemap Slider parameter as an error, but it is valid

In editing a sitemap with VS Code, when I put in a Slider the minValue parameter is flagged as an error by the editor. You can still save the file and the sitemap works fine. Just an FYI if someone is updating the VS Code extension.

I search and did not find this anywhere, but still hope it is not a duplicate of something already reported.
I had posted it somewhere else but not sure it was the right place so I reposted it here.

Seems to be working fine for me:

It might be that there is a syntax error elsewhere in your sitemap, and it’s just picking on minValue for some reason. Can you post your sitemap configuration?

You’ll have to copy/paste into the forum, between code fences - we won’t recreate your sitemap manually from a screenshot! :slight_smile:

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Sorry. Didn’t know you wanted more than to just see the code. Here it is:

sitemap mv_test label="Maggie Valley Test Menu"
	Frame label="Deck Light" {
        Switch item=MV_Deck_Light label="Deck Light"
	Frame label="HVAC (ZXT-120) Controller" {
		Text item=MV_Room_Temperature {
			Frame {
                Text item=MV_Room_Temperature
                Selection item=MV_Thermostat_Mode label="Thermostat Mode" mappings=[
                    0="Off", 1="Heat", 2="Cool", 3="Auto", 4="Aux Heat", 5="Resume", 6="Fan Only", 7="Furnace",
                    8="Dry Air", 9="Moist Air", 10="Auto Changeover", 11="Heat Economy", 12="Cool Economy", 13="Away"]
                Selection item=MV_ThermoFan_Mode label="Fan Mode" mappings=[
                    0="Auto (Low)", 1="On (Low)", 2="Auto (High)",3="On (High)"] 
                Slider item=MV_Cooling_SetPoint label="Cooling Set Point" minValue=67 maxValue=84
                Slider item=MV_Heating_SetPoint label="Heating Set Point" minValue=67 maxValue=84
	Frame label="Basement" {
		Text item=MV_Basement_Temperature
        Text item=MV_Basement_Humidity
        Text item=MV_Basement_Luminance
        /* maybe put in the last date/time of motion detected */

// vim: syntax=Xtend

And thanks for you help!

I don’t get the same error underlines:

(For info: Alt+Z toggles word-wrap, so you don’t need to manually offset your mappings if you don’t want to!)

I have no idea on this issue, I’m afraid! Does the log say anything when you try to save? What does VSC say in the PROBLEMS tab on this subject?

Both lines give the following message in the PROBLEMS tab

no viable alternative at input ‘minValue=’ (org.eclipse.xtext.diagnostics.Diagnostic.Syntax)

I am using openHAB v0.7.0 extensions.