VS Code Interface to Opehab does not show values of variables after restore

Platform information:
Hardware: _INTEL NUC
OS:Windows 10
Java Runtime Environment: ZulU 11.23.13
openHAB version:3.4.4

Additional Information:
Today if found this error, can this cause the problem?

M<y harddisk SSD crashed, so I had to restore all and reinstall the applications like e.g. VS Studio.
After 2 hours all was up again.
Only Issue. I do not see the values of my OpenHAB variables anymore in rules files in VS Studio when hoovering over them.
OpenHAB extention in VS started with no issue
I can start Basic UI from VS
I seam to have a blind spot here it is frustrating, I cant find or remember the clue to fix it.
Thanks for advise

I have now deleted the openhHAB extention in VS and reinstalled. Now I cannot access the Basic UI anymore.

Finally I used the update.ps1 to “reinstall” OH 3.4.4. after the Harddisk crash and all works fine now.