VS Code Sorting

In VS Code, is there a way when you pull up the OpenHAB plugin to sort the items? For whatever reason any given set of items could be all over. No clue how they are sorted as I add all items for a given thing at one time so like for Denon, each entry starts with Denon but is all over the items list.



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afaik the items list is asorted (i.e. the items will appear in the order they are recieved from rest api)

Of course if putting items in a group, they will be listed as members of the group.

You may downgrade the openhab addon to 0.4.0, this will show the sorte Items.

The automatic sorting was removed in the last beta by accident and will be included again in the next release.

Good to know. Would save a lot of scrolling thru items. Thanks Jerome.