VSCode doesn't validate my code

(Mark) #21

I can only assume it’s because of this.

Can you try running VS Code on the openHAB host, or try using a shared folder? I know those configs will work, and may more easily help to determine the cause of the issue.

(Mark) #22

FYI, I opened an issue for the inline validation issue.

(Pascal Turbo) #23

That’s the problem. Obviously it only works on shared folders. I’ll open a change request. But the inline validation works for me even on shared folder.

(Mark) #24

What build are you running? It worked up until around September 20.

(Pascal Turbo) #25

I’m running with 2.3.0 Stable Release

(Peter Demus) #26


was starting yesterday with VS code. installed the version 0.4.1 from marketplace.

code validation is NOT working using \\openhabpi\openhab240\conf e.g.
code validation is working using X: for mentioned samba share.

https://github.com/eclipse/smarthome/pull/6463 seems to be merged into 0.4.1 …

Don’t know if

was about the my issue or about “never working via SMB share” ?!? :astonished:


(Mark) #27

The xtext upgrade from a while back broke samba shares, which had worked prior to the upgrade. My change fixed it for paths specified using a drive letter, but not for a UNC paths. I’m not sure how to fix it for UNC paths.