VW ID.Charger vs ID.Charger.Connect

Hey folks

Just looking for an alternative opinion on something. My missus is getting an ID3 and we’re considering getting the Volkswagen branded charger for home.

The “basic” charger from VW is just a dumb socket on the wall. The “connect” version has WiFi connectivity. Theres about €300 in the difference, price wise.

Question i have is, given that you can connect to the car directly with the VW app, is the WiFI charger connectivity kinda redundant in the more pricey charger?


It depends what you want to be able to control. I have a dumb charger and use Octopus Go Faster, a fixed time two rate tariff. All I do is use the timer in the car to manage when the car draws power.

The problem with setting times in the charge point rather than the car is that it won’t let you draw power for preheat in the morning. Not that “smart”

I’d avoid anything to do with apps and cars. Too much complication by people who know how to build cars, not apps.

I have an Easee “smart” charger to charge my Mokka e. So I control my charge windows (have hourly tariff) via the charger rather than from the cars app. (though it must be mentioned that Opel/Vauxhalls app is close to useless).
One plus with this approach is that the charger is “inactive” when I’m at the office or elsewhere, so no one can “borrow” my charger.

Well, the Easee let’s you to set a maximum current level when not charging. So it supplies typically 6A on 3phases, which isn’t enough to trigger a charge, but it will allow preheating. So, no smartness needed.

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