Warning : io.netty.channel prematurely returned 512 times in a row

For the last week or so, I get this warning about one time per day, at different times during the day. It may be related to me adding an Amcrest Camera via the Ipcamera binding, but I am not sure it is linked.
Can anybody please give me clue what is probably causing such a warning. Do I have to do something about it, or can I leave it alone?

I am running openhabian 2.4 stable

2019-01-12 08:37:29.314 [WARN ] [io.netty.channel.nio.NioEventLoop   ] - 
Selector.select() returned prematurely 512 times in a row; 
rebuilding Selector io.netty.channel.nio.SelectedSelectionKeySetSelector@3a767c.

One way to make sure is to remove that camera temporarily and see what happens.

I was getting a ton of these also on my Synology OH 2.3; what solved it for me was to upgrade to this version of the binding.

org.openhab.binding.ipcamera-2.4.0-SNAPSHOT.jar dated 11.27.2018

Best, Jay

AFAIK the only bindings to use the Netty library are the Homekit binding and IpCamera binding, so it will be related to one of these.
Where are you seeing this appear, is it the openhab.log?

The only comment I have is to suggest you upgrade to the latest IpCamera binding as I upgraded the Netty version it uses only yesterday to the latest stable version.

Also if you own a Amcrest, set it up as DAHUA instead as the alarm methods use a stream instead of polling and are much more responsive. Dahua make the Amcrest cameras and the API is the same…


i updated the binding and the netty library buth stll the same problem. if i delete the cam the problem goes away. What else can I try?
i use a rpi 3b with OH2.5m5.