Water Flow Monitoring

I am going to be using an ESP32 and a pulse water meter to measure the water in my house. I noticed we have options! I was looking at getting this one which matches my pipe diameter and has 20 pulses per gallon!

Any thoughts on this? I figure i should be able to get a really nice accurate flow rating out of this.

This all started because i decided to install a whole house water filter and everything went down from there.

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Have a look at what I did back then and let me know what you think / whether it could be improved: Use case: Water flow sensor for indoor / outdoor usage (Tasmota-flashed ESP + cheap flow meter + MQTT)

This is nice!

Im trying to keep in as simple as possible… so i am using the ESPHome binding with my ESP32 and will be using the 20 pulse per gallon water sensor to bridge the connection from analog to digital. So Pulse Water Meter > ESP32 > ESPHome Binding which i think is similar to what you are doing.

I will probably look for other sensors to add such as Water temperature and Water Pressure to see if i can add to esphome as well. That may be for phase 2 where install a 2nd meter at the sprinklers.

I believe this one may work with the io-Link protocol.

Not cheap but seems to be accurate to 0.001 Litres per minute.

JackP - you may want to confirm the model you selected will work with your required orientation (from the install doc):
2. Set the meter inline. Water meters
are recommended to be installed
horizontally with the register facing

My requirement was for a vertical orientation and I found very few meters that fit this requirement. Otherwise, it looks good to me. I especially like the high pulse rate which can be hard to find also.

Great point! Yes i confirmed that i will have it horizontal and facing up. They have a plastic housing thats about 70 dollars cheaper but id rather have the brass.