Water level indicator to home automation?

How can I connect a water level indicator to home automation?

The description says Zigbee with no details.
The diagrams look like it is for a wired instrument, not a Zigbee wireless mesh conneciton.

Yeah I think the Chinese have it confused. I’ve been talking back and forth with them for ages but they say that I need to buy their PLC device with it too.

Here’s another link to an Aliexpress one:

I just want to be able to connect some kind of water level sensor direct to my wifi router and control it with my home automation, so that I can have it automatically turn off a water pump via a zwave switch.

The first one saying Zigbee would require a Zigbee controller.
For Home Automation I prefer to avoid Zigbee & Wi-Fi and to use Z-Wave Plus devices.
There are too many other wireless things to interfere with 2,4 GHZ Wi-FI & Zigbee IMO.

Nothing in that other sensor indicates any wireless capabilities either.

What exactly is the “problem” you are trying to solve and what Home Automation do you already have?

Thanks for your responses Bruce!

My problem is that I haven’t been able to find any Z-wave water level sensors anywhere. Do you know of any? Or are you able to instruct me on how I can go about making another one Z-wave/home automation compatible.

Welcome to the OpenHAB community Isaac!

i use zigbee, zwave and wifi together and see no issues. If it is a huge network with hundreds of nodes maybe but relatively reasonably sized system should have no problem mixing all three
Do you have a zigbee controller?

Thanks Andrew!!

I don’t mind mixing them all either. The only issue here though is I’m pretty sure that the Alibaba one I was looking at isn’t actually Zigbee?

Have you ever used any devices along the lines of motors, sensors and irrigation etc?

I’m also very interested in this as I’ve just bought a boat and I’m planning to equip it with openhab running on a Pi with sensors for water, fuel, amongst many other things.

Do anyone know how to wire this? Is uses 24V but how to get the value for the water level? Is this 1 wire connection?