Waveshare Core2530 Board + Xbee USB Adapter (?)

i would like to kickstart zigbee on top/aside of an existing zwave network.
Seems in terms of HW its not so widespread what is supported, the most recommended is rather expensive for a first dig-in ~200€/USD…so i invested in a XbeeUSBAdapter Board and a Waveshare Core2530 Board.


I’ve seen that a custom firmware will be required to upload, but now on top in the binding doc there is a comment saying that additiona HW is required to make it work?

So now i’m confused…do I need this SmartRF hardware on top? Why? what for?
Does it make sense to continue with my HW (XbeeUSB Board + Core2530 Board)?

What would be a “more futureproof” investement that not reaches the 200€ mark?

Regards Norbert