Way to print long threads?

Call me odd, but I like to print useful information to PDF in case I can’t find it again later. It seems that if you try to print long threads on this forum, you only get around four pages around your current position in the thread. Any way to print the whole thing?

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How are you printing? Using Chrome and then (ctrl + p) I seem to get the full thread.

Seems like pressing CTRL+P works, whereas selecting it from the menu only prints a limited selection.

There’s also a Discourse community thread about this functionality:

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You’re right. That is really weird. I actually don’t usually go to the menu at the top or use Ctrl-P, I right-click and choose Print. But that only gives you a few pages. But Ctrl-P does indeed give you the whole thread - I just tried it on a monster thread of 321 pages!