Way too much lights listing


I’ve made a sitemap with only 3 Philips HUE lights but when I open up OpenHab app I see under “All Lighting” a list of about 20 lights (Ceiling, Workshop, Garage, Terrace…) how can I remove theses?

Do you still have the demo.items file loading?

If your all lighting group name matches the one from the demo.items file then it will list them as well.

Well I’ve used the demo file yes…so I have to remove demo.items from my items folder?

You are right…I’m seeing all theses lights from the demo.items…

If you no longer want to reference the demo.items file any longer you can delete it, or move it somewhere else. Or if you want to leave it in place, just make sure you name your All Lights group something else.

Thanks for the cue!!! I’ve move the file to another folder…rebooting right now…

Works!!! Thanks a lot for the cue!!!

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