Ways to implement Wifi/smart on Existing Wall Switch?

Can you help me create a wifi module or controller which help me convert my existing switches with wifi capabilities ? I tired sonoff basic modules with Tasmota but this I think is not a stable and reliable option.

I found this a while back.

But I never tried it.

Thanks chris, I have seen this, but it is limited to 2 lights. I am looking to use one wifi module to control many appliances with existing wall switches. Looking at the products in the market these are all standalone products which doesn’t make sense to cloud my network with so many wifi products and also reinstall new switches.

To me home automation should be invisible and convenient.

For the users, this is always the best goal. In my experience, this is NEVER possible to achieve in setting up the automation in the first place.

If only there was a product which can be designed as shown in the picture, we can achieve this.

I am planning to built it myself, based off ESP8266 and open source.