Weaher unit conversion in Forecast.io/darksky.net isn't right

I am a newbie to openhab and have managed to get it read and update data for two locations using the weather binding for forecast.io/darksky.net.

The problem is that the data in openhab is different than what I read directly from the darksky.net site or API. I believe there is a unit conversion problem as darksky.net makes assumptions about the units to return unless this is overridden in the request to darksky.net.

More specifically. I am in the US. When I read data for a location in the US, the measurements are fine. When I read data for a location in Canada, the measurements are incorrect. 8°C on darksky.net reads as -12.7°C on a openhab generated page. Similarly a wind speed of 11mph reads as 9.3mph.

I suspect the problem is that darksky.net/forecast.io assumes particular units for the
area being accessed (which may be different than the default units for the requesting area). This problem may be resolved by forcing there units into metric units by including “units=si” in the request parameters to darksky.net.

This is my bad. I messed up the sign on the longitude, so got a much colder place on the western Chinese border rather than a place in Canada.

I am sorry for any inconveniences this may have caused.