Weather binding - condition using wrong time range?

I’m playing around with the weather binding and found something that seems awkward to me.

If you request the ‘condition’ value, you get some textual description of the current weather condition (no sh** Sherlock). If you request the condition for forecast=0 you get a description of the daily forecast.

When I request the condition for forecast=1, I expect a description of the weather to come tomorrow.

I am using the provider and it returns following (stripped) json:

currently.summary="Breezy and Mostly Cloudy""Breezy until afternoon and light snow (< 1 in.) starting in the evening."

I’m intrested in the best description for today, so I pick the latest, which links to forecast=0. When I want to know tomorrows condition, I request the for forecast=1, which gives me:

"Light snow overnight."

That is not what I expected, the time for this forecast is 11PM, but I want to have an overview of the day, not the night. There is a value that seems to be covering my expectations:

 daily.summary="Light snow (1–2 in.) today and tomorrow, with temperatures rising to 49°F on Thursday."

But unless I customize the binding, I won’t be able to retrieve this value.

Just asking for your insight in this. Do I take the wrong approach? I want to show the textual description for today and tomorrow’s weather. The forecast=0 value seems okay for today’s description (however, the hourly.summary seems even better “Breezy until this afternoon and light snow (< 1 in.) starting this evening.”). But tomorrow’s weather description is not usable it seems.

The daily.summary seems to be combining both today and tomorrow, which would be fine as well.

How are you guys handling this?