Weather binding config does not get deleted when uninstalled

Hoping to saves you time debugging the weather binding.

I switched over from the Yahoo weather binding to the weather binding but I couldn’t get the weather binding to work because I accidentally enter a string “us” in the update Interval “location..updateInterval=” parameter and saved it. I corrected the entry but I couldn’t read any weather information. I launched the fronttail log viewer (http://openhabianpi.local:9001/) and saw that the weather binding failed due the wrong value I had deleted in the weather.cfg. I removed the weather binding and reboot openhab to see if it would clear the issue. No luck. I deleted the cfg files but I still saw the error. So I opened karaf and reviewed the config lists. Sure enough, the erroneously value was still in the configuration despite the weather binding was uninstalled. I deleted the configuration (config:delete, copied the correct weather.cfg to services, and reinstalled the weather binding. It now works!

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