Weather Binding Forecast Wonderground

I’m using the weather binding with oh2 and Wonderground.
Actual Dates works fine.
Even if I tried to define an item with forecast like

Number Unna_TempMinMorgen “erwartete Temperatur (min) [%.1f °C]” {weather=“locationId=Unna, forecast=1, type=temperature, property=min”}

I don’t get any fvalues.
If I used the itemwithout “forecast=1” the item works and gives min-temperature of the current day . “forecast=0” doesn’t work either.

Did someone know why?

For information:I have a wonderground api-key for free and select the option “Anvil Plan”.

Thanks for your help,

I don’t see anything wrong with your item definition
What does your log show?

The log doesn’t include anything about wonderground or the weather binding. Shoud I activate something? If yes: where?

I also tried to test the item with another weather-support (OpenWeatherMap). Since I add “forecast=*” the Item is “empty”.

There are 2 logs
openhab.log and events.log
are you looking at both?

yes. After starting OH again, the openhab.log shows a log of warnings (homematic-items are not found and a warning that my sitemap does not match the name demo of the sitemap).
In events.log I only can see the status-changes of items (even weather-items), but not of the item with forecast.

This is my item definition and it works fine:

Number WeatherForecast1MinTemp    "Tomorrow min Temp [%.1f °C]" (Weather) { weather="locationId=home, forecast=1, type=temperature, property=min" }

Copy the binding part and replace it into yours.
Notice that there is a space after the { and before the }, for some reason the binding parser like these and I have had problems without the spaces despite the examples in the the docs.

If that doesn’t work, uninstall the binding retart OH and re-install the binding, it can unblock things too.