Weather binding; UV index, Visibility & Rain % don't works

Hello guys,
have you got problem with the following items?
In my system all the other values are displayed correctly but not these

Number   Est_Visibilita       "Visibility [%.1f km]"  				<sun_clouds>		(Meteo)						{weather="locationId=myhome, type=atmosphere, property=visibility"}
Number   Est_UV_Index         "Index UV"              		<sun_clouds>		(Meteo)						{weather="locationId=myhome, type=atmosphere, property=uvIndex, scale=0"}
Number   Est_Precip_Probability   "Rain Probability [%d %%]"  <water>				(Meteo)						{weather="locationId=myhome, type=precipitation, property=probability"}

I copy - paste it mostly from the official example.
In the forum I don’t see other posts specific of these issue, but it’s strange,

P.S. I’m using operweathermap

Can some one help me, with a fast test:
Can you try to display these Items with your favourite weather service and make me know if it works ?

I think the “problem” is on the other side, not openhab’s guilty, because all the other values (Temp,pressure,ecc,ecc) is working as charm ^^

Hi Muplex,

the fastest test can be performed by yourself:
Assuming you have a linux based system, type:
cat /var/log/openhab/events.log | grep Est
This should show you what these items (and all other Items having “Est” in their name) have been set to by the weather binding. You might need to change the path to the location of the logs in your system.
On windows, I’d suggest you open the events.log in an Editor and do a search for “Est”.
This will clarify if the Items do get set at all. From there, you can start pinpointing the problem.

OpenWeather only provide UV with their expensive paid accounts. I have written a tutorial for an alternative.

Thank you @rtvb.
great tutorial for an alternative UVindex API.
But why also visibility and precipitation prob. doesnt work ?
In OWM seems to be free !

I use Weatherunderground and though I first understood it just would not provide info on the UVI field, apparently it does. But indeed it may depend on the station you are connected to :slight_smile:My field is updating perfectly and is in line with what I get from a weather widget on my phone

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