Weather Company Observation - HTTP error - thing turns offline

I have a private weather station and use weatherunderground to store my data. I access the data with the weather company binding (works fine so far). The problem is the weather company observation thing. I stops working now and than.

Error Message
ExecutionException: HttpConnectionOverHTTP@1c29a6a::DecryptedEndPoint@3b5659{<->/,OPEN,fill=-,flush=-,to=600043/0}`

Any ideas?

That’s to be expected with a remote service beyond your control, it won’t be 100% reliable.
What problem does it cause you locally? Does it not recover later?

Correct. These errors are a very common with this service (thank you IBM). I see these errors occasionally on both the forecast and observation API calls. I’ve considered not setting the thing OFFLINE when the EOFException exception occurs, but I’m worried about masking a real issue that needs attention.

Thanks for your repley! I was busy at work and at finding a workaround to get rid of wounderground.

I have a wifi weatherstation that is supported by weewx and the EcoWitt portocol.

My solution with weewx and mqtt:

  1. installation of weewx on my openhabian with simulation as weather station
    WeeWX: User's Guide
  2. WeeWx addon Interceptor is needed
    GitHub - matthewwall/weewx-interceptor: weewx driver that intercepts web traffic from internet 'bridge' devices such as Acurite Access, ObserverIP, OS LW30x, LaCross GW1000U, FineOffset GW1000
  3. installation of weewx mqtt and configuration to talk to your mqtt broker
    mqtt · weewx/weewx Wiki · GitHub
  4. setup custom weather server with WS View app on customized tab to communicate to the local weewx server with EcoWitt protocol.

Now it works and the PWS data flow in every 30 seconds, as defined in the WS View app.

Some issues are still open: I don’t know how to access the website of weewx “/var/www/html/weewx/” on the openhabian. And I think, I store the data twice. Once with weewx and then with openhab…
And the units of measurement are cm and i want mm. But that can be solved.

Maybe somebody with programmaning skill, a lot better than mine, can come up with a openhab binding to parse the PWS data without weewx?