Weather data from the weather station

I have a Sainlogic WS3500 weather station but how can I integrate the weather data into my Openhab 2.5.
Supported services are:

  • Wundergrund
  • Weatherclound
  • WeatherObservationsWebsite

I have already heard that it is no longer possible by miracle reason.
Is there a solution.

Not sure about your weather station but you can use darksky binding with OH. Here is the link for API key:

And how am I supposed to link this?

Does it have a free API?

I don’t believe anyone.
I have now added it to HABPanel with weathercloud in Frame.
I don’t know what to do now.

If you upload your weather station data to Weather Underground, you can retrieve your data and a 5-day weather forecast using the Weather Company binding.

If run into any issues getting it set up, post back here and I’ll help you out.


The problem I have is that the values are displayed with a ?.
And I still have to insert it into my HabPanel but I do not know which widget.

PaperUI doesn’t handle the degree symbol correctly. You can ignore that.

It’s just informational, right? So I think a Dummy Widget is the most appropriate. I just displays a value based on the state of the Item.

An alternative is you can search the HABPanel Gallery (“Get More” option at the bottom of the list of widgets) to see if there is a custom widget someone made available that presents the information in a nicer way.