Weather display through MQTT managed by openhab


does anyone know by chance a project which I could use to push my weather data through MQTT from openhab to an e paper ink display? I’ve seen this wonderful screen layout (GitHub - G6EJD/ESP32-e-Paper-Weather-Display: An ESP32 and 2.9", 4.2" or 7.5" ePaper Display reads Weather Underground data via their API and then displays the weather) and “just” :slight_smile: wanted to change the source from the weather underground to MQTT weather data being send by openhab. If anyone has any hint, I’d appreciate it a lot!

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No input anyone? :frowning:

I’ve never heard of anything quite like what you’re asking.

Note that the developer isn’t actually using Weather Underground. They must have changed it to OpenWeatherMap and not fully updated the titles/descriptions:


If you’re already using OWM for openHAB, then I’d suggest it doesn’t make a difference if the data goes directly from OWM or through OH. The source remains the same.

But I can get why you’d want to pass it through OH if you’re using a different weather source.

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