Weather + Rules + Adding Snapshot

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
    • OS: OpenHabian
    • Java Runtime Environment: (were will I find this)
    • openHAB version: OpenHab 2.4
  • Issue of the topic: please be detailed explaining your issue

1:So 1st thing is If all the info up top is so far so good ro did I miss anthing, I didn’t know were to get Java info from. (I say you will not need it for what I going to ask but Just like to have it right whan I do ask some thing harder)
1:2.P.S I just started using VS coda don’t know were I put that.,

2:1 What I like to ask is how to add.

2:2. it is an SNAPSHOT.jar for a binding
2:3 it for the OpenWeatherMap binding for Eclipse SmartHome.
2:4 If it an binding for eclipse Smart Home will it still work on my
2:5 what is Eclipse SmartHome.
2:6 I like to use an weather and rules to not water my plants when there rain coming.
2:.6.2 will I need to use weather binding (things) and rules

Thanks you guys and everything you can help will be good.
Aaron Twomey

@Dim you think you can help me on this one too

If you installed the openhabian image to your SDcard then java was installed. You can check the version by typing java -version from the command line.

VSCode and the openHab extension should be installed on your PC. This can be used to edit your thigs, item, rules, etc…files via samba share.

The link above I’m not sure about but looks to be a project that requires more than openhabian and it’s not a snapshot.jar.

I don’t use weather bindings but you can look in PaperUI addons to find a weather binding for your needs.

For watering your plants based on weather you will need a weather binding or use some sensors for detecting rain/moisture and rules to control your items.

If your new to OH try starting small, added the weather binding, create your things and items then start using simple rules to control them. Once you get the feel of OH you can start adding more items and complex rules.

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Ok @rlkoshak sent me looking for Yahoo Weather binding what I can see in OpenHab 2.4 but he also said that he think most Wunderground users on this forum have migrated to OpenWeatherMap.

So that how I got asking about OpenWeathMap

Thanks just looking for the good best but I need to crawl before I can walk. What best weather binding you recommend & do you know of any others bindings, that I can’t find yet.

If you don’t have OpenWeatherMap binding in PaperUI addons then you can install the Market Place binding found in PaperUI>addons>MISC>Eclipse IoT Market. After adding this binding you should see the weather binding in PaperUI addons.

Note: After installing the market place binding if you see a handshake error in your logs you will need to install a java related jar file. Maybe this issue has been fixed, if not its an easy fix just let me know if you need help.

I don’t use weather bindings (I use sensors connected to OH for rain dection)so I can’t say which would be the best. Maybe give each one a try and see what you like best.

I could see the weather binding before.

Still can see OpenWeatherMap binding after adding Eclipse IoT Market.

Weather binding is still there. “open weather map” use this binding?

Sorry, I overlooked your on OH 2.4 version.:roll_eyes: I’m still running 2.3

Sure, install it, check it out and see if you like it. If not, you can always uninstall it and try another weather binding.

should I uninstall the Marker Place

For now that may be a good idea. You can always install it later if you need a market place binding.

# location configuration, you can specify multiple locations

any ider what to put in LANGUAGE I put “En” thinking that will work for english
update Interval, there put =10 will that be in min because I think I run out of dater with openweathermap.

I’m not using the binding so it’s difficult to answer some questions, but I did find some info that will get you started.

Here are the documents for the binding and some examples for creating things, items, and sitemap.

Here’s a topic for the binding I found here on the forum that may be helpful.

its were I got the Snapshot from

If using PaperUI to add a binding it’s not a snapshot. The info in the doc’s should provide all the info needed to create your things, items, etc…