Weather station

I think about to by an weather station and want to integrate it into Openhab.
Which station is good to by and easy to integrate.
Where can i find add On and Binding
Want to trigger Shutters if the wind is strong or rain is starting.

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I’ve been thinking of making my own with a pms5003, wind speed sensor and bme280, but an off the shelf version if decent would be appreciated as well, if there’s any around. I’m looking forward to other replies!

There are a few ways of doing this.
There is a binding for weather stations that send data wirelessly.
I have had weather station long before openhab.
Fine offset WH1081 that has WEEWX as a front end. That allows me to produce a data file that I can use to have live readings on openhab. Also just put the weewx front end in a webview.
You can also upload data to a weather site and then download it again.
There are plenty of DIY solutions with MQTT as the data sharing solution

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Any dumbdumb instructions (for people like me :smiley: ) to follow on one of those examples??