Weather Underground 2.0 binding: missing property Common-id and Windspeed in Bft

(Solved by reading this discussion: New Weather Underground binding for Eclipse SmartHome / openHAB2 )

I really like the ease of use of the weather Underground Binding (OH2) but I’m missing 2 channels:
1) the common-ID ( common condition-ID)
Though the OH2 weather underground binding provides an automatic weather condition icon, but this doesn’t let me choose a icon-style that suits my design in HABpanel.

Using the provided “Current Condition” channel doesn’t really work well with the icon switch “-” (e.g. -day , or -night conditions). Also it troubles me when I select my own language in the binding: I need to rename all my icons accordingly, and still without the icon switch “-”

The common-ID was a perfect method in the OH1 weather binding for selecting the right weather condition icon that matches my preferred weather icon-style. Using a map-transformation on the CommonID would get me a condition translated in my prefered language. (The OH1 weather binding doesn’t work any longer in OH2.1 or OH2.2)

Does anyone know a solution for this?

2) windspeed in Beaufort (Bft)
Windspeed is provided in km/h of miles/h but not in Beaufort. Where I live the Bft unit is still used very commonly for windspeed.

Does anyone know a solution for this?

WU is apparently not providing wind speed in Beaufort unit.
Note that there is a coming ESH general feature that would allow unit conversion so you can expect wind speed conversion in Beaufort one day.

Regarding common-ID, I already answered in the general WU binding topic.

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For your information, I just proposed a code change introducing new channels containing the icon key. It should help you creating a mapping to icons.

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Please note that the binding in snapshot 2.3 allows units conversion.
Beaufort is not yet a unit implemented in the framework. An issue is opened: