Weatherunderground binding undef

I switched to the weatherunderground binding early January. I just looked at my logs and noticed that several times a day I’m getting some things changing to undef

Not all of my things, and it isn’t always the same things but it seems to be mostly rain.

Anybody else seeing this?

Yes indeed, see the discussion here for similar problems.

But no known solution yet.

Ok, Thanks. I’ll start watching that thread. I searched for weatherunderground and undef and didn’t find much. Not sure why I didn’t see that one… clearly has the terms. Oh well.

I don’t use the binding but parse the JSON myself. But I’m seeing some problems parsing the forecast. Sometimes the response from Wunderground is different enough to cause the JSONPATH transform to fail. The forecast isn’t important to my automation so I’ve not looked into whether the cause if Wunderground changing things or that I may have accidentally changed something.

It doesn’t happen for every call so I don’t think it’s my fault.

Well, it is interesting as I have used WUnderground as my browser based go-to for weather and recently noticed odd behavior. Snow always says 0" even when their forecast shows clearly 6-12" or something. I had it in the back of my head that this could be wunderground’s issue. My rolled up events.log’s go back to late December and they have errors then. I could restore a backup to extract older events but I’m being lazy :slight_smile:

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you’re not alone. Same here, as I also parse the WU-JSON like you suggested in a post somewhere.
I also see regularly some items coming from UNDEF to live and I thought this would be happening as I just had the location in the URL, and figured some other PWS won’t have all info - but then again I switched to a specific PWS and get still the same… But as I use weather only as information and not yet for automation (I’d like to set up my own PWS for that), I just shrugged…