WeatherUnderground; Fahrenheit

The WeatherUnderground binding has channels for Current and then Forecasts for 10 days.

Is there an easy way to change all the Temps to Fahrenheit and other measurements? Or do you need to manually change each channel within PaperUI?

I couldn’t seem to locate a global setting for this.

I’d hope at some point there is a easy way to do this not only for temp, but distance, pressure, etc.

No global setting.

I think there are some efforts in work to do something like this, but for now you have to do it on each Thing/Binding separately.

Perhaps you just typed in an ISO-coded country abbrevation. Please have a look here. For Weatherunderground Germany is not “DE”, but “DL” and for the U. Then again, if you change your profile on wunderground, it will also change the texts with your chosen language.
see here: